Glu Dots - Extra Strength

Glu Dots - Extra Strength

BOSTIK EXTRA STRENGTH STICKI DOTS are clear, double-sided adhesive dots that stick to almost anything, including paper, wood plastic, metal, glass and painted surfaces. This sticki product has now been repackaged as glu dots...a new face with the same winning formula.

They are acid and-lignin-free and are a great, invisible and clean alternative to drawing pins, staples or tape, with 101 uses. Ideal for putting up posters, pictures, timetables, menus, notices, calendars; sticking photos in an album; making a scrapbook; doing a school project; wrapping gifts or putting up decorations.

• Ready to use
• Excellent adhesion qualities
• Transparent / Invisible
• Easy to tear perforations
• Acid and lignin free
• Solvent free
• Non-toxic
• Super elastic
• Extra Soft for little hands

• Fully sets within approx 6 hours to 24 hours

Safe 4 Kids Washable Non-Toxic Acid Free

Uses / Applications

• Holds up posters, cards, certificates, notices, maps, menus, calendars, messages, timetables, learning aids, children paintings, decorations, etc
• Keeps in place telephones, mouse pads, pens, candles, figurines, vases, calculators, ornaments, etc
• Keeps picture frames straight
• Sticking photos in an album
• School project, scrap-booking, art and craft projects
• Sticks extremely well to non porous surfaces such as metal, glass, plastics, vinyl coated and painted surfaces and porous surfaces such as paper, boards, cloth, and wood

Other Information

• Not suitable for absorbent, damp, dusty, delicate or newly decorated surfaces
• Not suitable for holding up heavy objects
• May be difficult to remove from rough porous surfaces
• May damage fragile papers on removal


64 x Extra Strength Sticky Dots in Wallet