Silicone Stripper

Silicone Stripper

BOSTIK SILICONE STRIPPER is a unique, technologically advanced paste, formulated to completely remove fresh or old silicone sealant from a variety of substrates. Will easily and safely remove cured silicone from sanitary-ware, glass, metal, wood, enamel, concrete, plaster, plastics and textiles (except nylon).

• Sag resistant
• Low odour
• Non aggressive
• Removes all types of fresh, aged and cured silicones

Safe 4 Kids Washable Non-Toxic Acid Free

Uses / Applications

• Removes acetoxy curing silicones
• Removes neutral curing silicones
• Removes gasket sealants
• Removes polyurethane foams

Other Information

•  May cause wood substrates to darken
•  May soften painted or varnished surfaces and some fabrics (e.g. Nylon)


90ml Tube