Blits Stik Super Glue Gel

Blits Stik Super Glue Gel

BOSTIK BLITS STIK SUPER GLUE GEL is a fast setting, versatile, single component cyanoacrlyate based adhesive formulated for strong instant bonding of well mated components such as metal, glass, ceramic, rubber and other non-porous parts. It polymerizes instantly by absorbing trace amounts of surface moisture to form a non-shrinking, clear glue line.

Non-drip - for vertical repairs
Non-run - for neater application
Gap-filling - for uneven surfaces
Thicker - for porous substrates

• Very fast setting at room temperature
• Bonds a wide range of substrates
• Easy to apply
• No mixing
• High bond strength
• Non toxic when cured

Safe 4 Kids Washable Non-Toxic Acid Free

Uses / Applications

• Instant adhesive
• Fix-it DIY glue
• Handicraft applications
• Precision bonding
• Industrial manufacturing
• Exhibits good adhesion to many non-porous substrates such as metal, glass, ceramic, neoprene rubber and some plastics such as PVC, ABS and Polycarbonate

Other Information

• Not suitable for plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon
• Not suitable for paper, fabrics, glass containing a high alkali content, and expanded rubbers