Crazy Clay

Crazy Clay

BOSTIK CRAZY CLAY is the world’s softest, lightest clay that can be molded and shaped for a wide variety of art & craft applications. A super-elastic air-drying modelling clay that kids go crazy for - STRETCH IT, MIX IT, SHAPE IT, BOUNCE IT! Pack contains 6 vibrant colours - red, yellow, blue, white, purple and black.

• Acid free – will not desilver or discolour mirrors
• Non sag
• Low odour
• Crack free
• Non shrink
• Super elastic
• Extra soft for little hands
• Non toxic
• Fully sets within approx 6 hours to 24 hours

Safe 4 Kids Washable Non-Toxic Acid Free

Uses / Applications

• Ideal for school projects, art & craft applications
• Great for increasing your child’s creativity

Other Information

To create different colors, mix the following together:
• Red + Yellow makes ORANGE
• Yellow and Blue makes GREEN
• White and Purple makes LILAC
• White and blue makes LIGHT BLUE
• White and Red makes PINK
• Red, Yellow and Black, makes BROWN


Box with 6 x 18g tubs � assorted colours