Art & Craft School Glue

Art & Craft School Glue

Bostik School Glue is a polyvinyl acetate based adhesive, which has been developed to provide superior performance for art and crafts and school projects where it bonds a wide variety of substrates and dries to a touch glue- that meets SANS 10183:2009 D2 standard.

Safe 4 Kids Washable Non-Toxic Acid Free

Uses / Applications

Ideal home, office and school, where it can be used for art and crafts, scrap booking, photo albums, school projects, handicraft and decorative work, greeting cards, invitation, paper decorations, model building, laminating and veneering applications, paper mache, mounting pictures, decoupage, etc.

Excellent adhesion to porous materials such as fabric, leather, paper, textiles, felt, various soft woods (Pine & Meranti) and medium woods (Beech & Oak), composite woods (supawood & chipboard), cardboard, cellophane, photographic paper, and cork.

Other Information

• One surface must be porous.
• Not suitable for bonding plastics and some coated papers e.g. wax coated,          polyethylene laminated paper.
• Not intended for exterior use or where moisture is likely.
• Not suitable for load bearing applications or where gap filling properties are required.
• Should not be used to adhere coated woods, synthetic woods and melamine.
• Do not use when temperature of materials are below 4°C.


1L & 5L Jerry Cans