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Company History

Established in 1949, Permoseal was originally set up to manufacture adhesives for the automotive industry.

Several years later, Permoseal began importing PVA based adhesives and established the Alcolin brand.  In 1964, Permoseal began manufacturing Alcolin Cold Glue themselves and this led to the expansion of the hardware range into the comprehensive DIY brand that it is today. The Jacobs family acquired the business in 1984 and built a state of the art manufacturing plant in Montague Gardens, Cape Town 10 years later.

When the family first took over the Company, Alcolin Cold Glue alone accounted for over 65% of the total sales! The Jacobs brothers built up the Company on the strength of the Cold Glue market, continuously adding innovative new products to the range.

Bostik is a much loved, trusted stationery brand that most South Africans grew up with… and “Don’t just stick it… Bostik it!” a phrase well-known by most.   There was a time though, during sanctions that Bostik's presence almost disappeared from our shores until it was brought back to SA by Permoseal under a new international licensing agreement with Bostik Ltd in 1999. This added a whole new dimension to Permoseal’s offering, providing a quality platform for expansion into local stationery markets. 

Bostik is an innovative, top quality range of stationery adhesives, creative Art & Craft products, Sealants and DIY adhesives. The brand is well-known for performance, innovation, value for money and a fun, contemporary element that celebrates energy and creativity.

The addition of the Bostik brand in 1999, further bolstered and expanded Permoseal's influence in the hardware and stationery markets.